CMMobile Global Communications Limited ("CMMobile") is a mobile virtual network operator ("MVNO") offering prepaid and postpaid mobile services in Hong Kong.  CMMobile has been providing its MVNO service by procuring relevant network service and capacity from a mobile network operator ("MNO").

The Office of the Communications Authority ("OFCA") was notified that CMMobile would suspend all its mobile services with effect from 02:00 hours on 17 January 2017, owing to the suspension of wholesale service provided by the MNO.

Upon receipt of the above notification, OFCA has immediately requested the MVNO to make prompt arrangements to minimise the impact on its customers, including to (a) stop selling new SIM cards to its distributors/resellers, (b) despatch service suspension notice to all of its customers, (c) handle requests for refund, enquiries and complaints amicably from its customers, and (d) ensure the continued operation of the number porting facilities and service to enable its customers to port out their mobile numbers to other service providers.

In view of the service suspension, members of the public are advised not to purchase any prepaid SIM cards of CMMobile still on sale or subscribe to any of its mobile service plan.

As for CMMobile's existing customers, they are advised not to recharge their prepaid SIM cards (e.g. through credit cards, automatic teller machines, payment by phone service, convenient stores, etc.) or make any advance payment for postpaid services.  They may also approach CMMobile for refund or resolving any contractual matters.  If the affected customers wish to retain their mobile numbers, they should choose another mobile service provider and arrange number porting as soon as possible.

OFCA would continue to monitor the development closely.

Office of the Communications Authority

16 January 2017