The mobile services offered by CMMobile Global Communications Limited ("CMMobile") have been suspended since 17 January 2017. The Communications Authority (the “CA”) decided on 30 March 2017 to cancel the services-based operator licence of CMMobile with immediate effect. Details may be referred to the CA’s press release.

If the affected mobile users of CMMobile wish to retain their mobile numbers, they should choose a new operator and present to it in person, on or before 30 June 2017, the following identity documents for number porting -


Contact information of the four mobile network operators is given below for reference:

For mobile virtual network operators, please click here for the name list.

Should the affected mobile service users have any difficulties in arranging number porting with any of the above operators, they may contact OFCA at telephone 2961 6333 for assistance.

Consumers are reminded that there are ample choices of mobile operators available in the market, and they should always check and compare the service plans being offered and understand clearly the terms and conditions before making any subscription decision.

Office of the Communications Authority

30 March 2017