Check Data Usage, Enjoy Mobile Internet

Using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet has become a popular daily activity for many mobile data users. This document aims to help mobile data users keep track of how much data is consumed with the more common Internet applications.


Be Mindful of Unexpected Mobile Data Service Charges While Roaming Overseas

Nowadays more and more consumers use mobile data roaming service when traveling abroad. We are issuing this consumer alert to provide the public with tips on smart use of mobile data roaming services.


Consumer Alert on Use of Mobile Data Services

Charges of mobile data services are generally based on usage volumes. To avoid unnecessary financial loss and billing disputes, consumers should pay particular attention to the charging scheme, service plan particulars, contract details and functions of their smartphones.


Beware of Chargeable Mobile Content Services Delivered via Short Messages and Multi-media Messages

To avoid any billing dispute and unnecessary financial loss, consumers are advised to take precautions in connection with chargeable mobile content services delivered via Short Messages (SMS) and Multi-media Messages (MMS).


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