Facebook Post Creation Competition



To enhance public awareness of how to choose and use communications services smartly, the Communications Authority (“CA”) is organising a Facebook Post Creation Competition (“Competition”) on the theme “Be a Smart Communications Master”.  Upper Secondary School students and Hong Kong permanent residents aged 18 or above are welcome to participate. 

Themes of the Competition

Participants may choose one of the following themes for the creation of the Facebook post:

(1) Mobile bill shock preventive measures
(2) Enhanced consumer protection afforded by the Industry Code of Practice for Telecommunications Service Contracts
(3) Points to note before switching telecommunications service providers
(4) Points to note for making emergency calls in country parks and remote areas

Participants may visit the following webpages to obtain more information about the smart use of communications services:



Participants can compete in one of the following categories:

All participants must be Hong Kong permanent residents and enter the Competition as a sole individual.  Each participant can submit only one entry based on one of the themes of the Competition.  Participants who submit multiple or incomplete entries will be disqualified, and all related entries will be deemed to be invalid.

Submission Deadline

29 December 2017 (Friday)

Judging Criteria

Expression of theme 40%
Creativity 30%
Artistic Presentation 30%

Submission of Entries 

  1. Please click HERE to download the entry form.
  2. Each participant is required to create one Facebook post based on one of the themes of the Competition mentioned above.
  3. Each entry must include a text message together with a creative coloured graphic design.
  4. format

  5. There is no limitation on the format and style of the graphic design. It can be presented by way of illustration, comic or any other creative elements the participant thinks fit.
  6. The text message of each entry can be either in Traditional Chinese or English with no more than 100 words (including the text on the graphic design).
  7. There is no restriction on the choice of drawing tools and paints. Both hand-drawn and computer-aided designs are acceptable. If a computer-aided graphic design is used, the use of clip art supplied by computer software is not allowed.
  8. Participants should submit their entry to the OFCA on or before 29 December 2017 (Friday).
  9. Submission methods:
    1. Email
      Each entry must include the following items:
      • the graphic design in the form of an electronic image file in JPG format, file size not less than 1MB;
      • the text message in the form of an electronic file in MS WORD format; and
      • a completed entry form
      and be submitted to competition@ofca.gov.hk. Please include participant’s name on all electronic files and insert "Be a Smart Communications Master" Facebook Post Creation Competition and Category Name in the subject field of the email. Late submissions will not be accepted (based on OFCA’s email receipt time).
    2. Submission by Post or in Person
      Each entry must include the following items:
      • a hand-drawn or computer printed coloured graphic design on an A4-sized white cartridge paper
      • the text message written or printed on an A4-sized white paper; and
      • a completed entry form
      and be submitted in a sealed envelope marked with “Be a Smart Communications Master” Facebook Post Creation Competition and Category Name by post or in person (9 am to 5:45 pm, Monday to Friday) to the following address:
                                                              Public Affairs Division
                                                              Office of the Communications Authority
                                                              29/F, Wu Chung House
                                                              213 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
                                                              Hong Kong
      Late submissions will not be accepted (the submission date shall be based on the postmark).
  10. Participants must provide all the information required in the entry form or their entries will be disqualified.

Judging Panel 

Representative of the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art
Representative of the Professional Information Security Association
Representative of OFCA


 School CategoryOpen Category
Champion One Tablet (of value no less than HK$5,000) and a merit certificate One Smart Phone (of value no less than HK$7,000) and a merit certificate
First runner-up One Notebook (of value no less than HK$4,000) and a merit certificate One Tablet (of value no less than HK$5,000) and a merit certificate
Second runner-up One Smart Watch (of value no less than HK$2,000) and a merit certificate One Notebook (of value no less than HK$4,000) and a merit certificate
Most Supportive School Award* Book vouchers worth HK$3,000 and a merit certificate N/A
Most Popular Post Award** Book vouchers worth HK$1,000 and a merit certificate Electronic appliance vouchers worth HK$1,000 and a merit certificate

*          “Most Supportive School Award” will be awarded to the school with the highest number of participants
**        “Most Popular Post Award” will be awarded to the entry receiving the highest number of votes in the public voting

Terms and Conditions 

All participants should acknowledge on the entry form that all the following Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) are abided by them or else non-compliance may result in disqualification:

  1. The participant warrants that the submitted entry is the participant’s original work and it does not infringe any copyright of any person. The participant also warrants that the entry has never been published or submitted in other competitions, and does not contain any defamatory or libellous materials. The participant will be liable for any infringement of intellectual property rights regarding the submitted entry. The CA reserves the right to seek damages against the participant for any claim made against the CA to the fullest extent as the law permits.
  2. Participants should make sure that the post should be positive, concise and with the consumer messages accurately presented so as to remind consumers to use and choose the communications services smartly.
  3. OFCA reserves the right not to accept any entries which are inappropriate or violate the objective and format of the Competition.
  4. The participant warrants that all information submitted is true and correct, and there is no fraudulent use or theft of data from any third party. The participant will be disqualified and/or will not be given the prize if his/her information is untrue or incorrect. OFCA shall have no liability whatsoever if OFCA could not notify the winner as a consequence of incorrect information. The participant shall be held liable for all the losses and damages caused to OFCA or any third party.
  5. OFCA shall not be held responsible for the failure of entry submission by the participants, and assumes no responsibility for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, failure, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorised access to, or alteration of, entries.
  6. All participants agree that OFCA shall have no liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind which may be suffered by the participants in relation to the acceptance, possession, or use of the prizes. The participants further acknowledge that OFCA does not give any warranty, representation, or guarantee expressed or implied, in fact or in law, relating to any of the prizes, including (but not limited to) their quality, mechanical condition or fitness for purpose of use.
  7. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.
  8. No failure, delay, relaxation or forbearance on the part of OFCA to enforce any of these T&C shall operate as a waiver and no single or partial exercise or enforcement of these T&C by OFCA shall preclude OFCA from any future exercise or enforcement of these T&C.
  9. The Competition is not open to CA members, employees of the OFCA, adjudicators and all of their family members and supporting organisations and their employees.
  10. Participants must abide by the decision of the judging panel, which shall be final.
  11. By entering the Competition, participants agree that all the intellectual property rights in the entries shall vest in the CA absolutely. For the avoidance of doubt, the participants agree that the CA may edit, exhibit, copy or duplicate and display any or all of the entries on its website for the public to download or use for whatsoever purpose at any time, without the need of obtaining prior consent from the participants.
  12. The participants also agree that the CA has the absolute right to publish the winning entries and personal particulars of the winners (such as name, school name, age and personal photo) in any media for publicity purpose. All personal particulars published would be in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap 486) and related principles.
  13. All submitted entries will not be returned. Participants may keep a copy before submission as they so wish.
  14. The CA reserves the right to interpret and amend any T&C (including judging criteria) without advance notification to participants provided that such interpretation and amendment are not inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of the Competition. Participants shall not raise any objections to such interpretation and amendment.

Public Voting

Public Voting has launched on 16 January 2018. Six shortlisted entries from each category have been posted to the “Communications Master • OFCA” Facebook Fan Page for the public to vote for their favourite Facebook posts.

The entry with the highest number of votes in each category will be presented with the “Most Popular Post Award”. Results of the award, together with the winners list, will be announced in March at the dedicated webpage of the competition (www.ofca.gov.hk/competition). Public voting will be closed at 5 p.m. on 29 January 2018. Please cast your vote!

Voting Guidelines: please click here
Shortlisted entries of “School Category”: please click here
Shortlisted entries of “Open Category”: please click here

Results Announcement and Prize Presentation Ceremony



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