As part of the Consumer Education Campaign 2017/18, the Communications Authority has commissioned Spring-Time Experimental Theatre to stage a roving drama “Alice in the Dataland” at local primary and secondary schools to promote smart use of communications services, including protection of mobile phone’s data, safety tips for using public Wi-Fi services, proper use of mobile data services and social media, etc.


Alice is a student. Spoiled by her parents since she was born, Alice has become a self-indulgent and extravagant girl who exercises no control over the use of mobile data service. One day, a strong wind blows Alice to the Dataland. The people in the Dataland once used data very smartly but under the spell of the Queen of the West, they have all lost control over data usage. The King of the Dataland entreats Alice to embark on an adventure to meet the Queen in the hope of convincing her to break the spell. Yearning for returning home, Alice agrees to help save the Dataland. While on her way to the Queen’s castle, Alice meets Tin Man and Lion Man who used to be humans but are put under the spell of the Queen for their bad habit of using data without control. In order to become humans again, they decide to go together with Alice to see the Queen. After overcoming all sorts of difficulties, Alice finally meets the Queen and finds out that the Queen cast the spell over the Dataland was because she did not want her son to suffer discrimination for habitually using data without control. With the help of Alice, the Queen finally leads her son back to the right path of using data smartly. To express her gratitude to Alice, the Queen, apart from breaking the spell on the Dataland, shows Alice the way home and awards her the latest 5G mobile communications technology. 

During the drama performance, students will be invited onto the stage to participate in a series of interactive games. The performance will be followed by a 10-minute question-and-answer session, which aims to help students learn more about different consumer messages!


Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary Form 1 to 3 students

Date and Time of Performance

Every Monday to Friday (school days) from November 2017 to March 2018
(exact performance dates are subject to the arrangement with individual schools)

Performance-related Matters


No charge for arranging the drama performance and roving exhibitions

List of Participating Schools in 2017/18

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Photos of the Performance

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