As part of the Consumer Education Campaign 2018, the Communications Authority has commissioned Spring-Time Experimental Theatre to stage a roving drama "Prince Data and the Beast" at local primary and secondary schools to promote smart use of communications services, including protection of mobile phone’s data, proper use of mobile data services, etc.


Prince Data and the Beast

A young girl comes to Prince Data’s castle to seek shelter from the rain. She asks the prince to let her use the castle’s Wi-Fi data and offers a rose in return. The prince, however, rejects her. To punish his selfishness, the young girl, after revealing her true identity as a witch, puts a curse on everyone in the castle and turns the prince into a beast. If the prince fails to teach someone how to use data smartly and find someone who truly loves him before the last petal falls from the enchanted rose, he will be cursed forever and can never become a prince again.

A few years have passed since then. In a small town near the castle lives a girl named Belle. One day, Belle’s father loses his way in the woods and ends up being captured and locked up in the castle by the Beast. Belle comes to the castle in search of her father. She accepts the Beast’s offer to let her take her father’s place in exchange for his freedom. Belle later finds out from the servants of the Beast that the Beast was cursed; therefore he captured people to test whether they knew how to use data smartly. With the help of Belle, the Beast undergoes a series of special trainings and learns how to use data smartly.

The witch returns. Although the Beast has learnt how to use data smartly, he has yet to find his true love. The last petal of the enchanted rose is about to fall off. If the Beast is still unable to find someone who loves him, he will have to die. Just then, Belle professes her feelings for the Beast. Finally, the witch lifts her curse. Apart from altering the memory of the townspeople, she gives everyone the 5G technology as a wedding present for the prince and Belle.


Primary 4 to 6 and Secondary Form 1 to 3 students

Date and Time of Performance

Every Monday to Friday (school days) from October 2018 to March 2019
(exact performance dates are subject to the arrangement with individual schools)

Performance-related Matters


No charge for arranging the drama performance and roving exhibitions

Enquiry and Enrolment

Miss Lam of Spring-Time Experimental Theatre at 2793 1123
(10 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday)